Lock Down Painting

"Autumn Fruits" Gouache on paper

I really thought that, during lock down here in Yorkshire, I would crack on with my "Painting Paradise" project but, instead, I spent more time on the allotment and I lost my focus to make art. I did a lot of cooking, baking, decorating and gardening - anything to reduce my anxiety and keep busy. After two months of this I really needed to pick up a brush but I just couldn't seem to get back to grips with acrylic.

Two things saved me: my friend the sculptor Fiona Bowley and I sent each other a daily drawing with Whatsapp (we are still doing this which you can see on Instagram @artprimitif) and I changed my painting medium from acrylic to gouache. Those daily drawings have been translated into floral paintings which are, in turn, prints available in my Etsy shop. Gouache is such a joy to paint with - I like the consistency of the paint, its opacity and its chalkiness.

So now I feel I am able to set the gouache painting aside for a few weeks and return to acrylic on canvas, painting tropical birds and plants and researching more about the Victorian artist/explorer Marianne North.

Floral Art Prints now available to buy in my Etsy shop Artprimitif

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