PAINTING PARADISE - Exotic Birds meet Botanical Art through the story of Victorian explorer Marianne North, as told by artist/illustrator Jo Whitehead.

Flamingos and Hummingbirds, Hoopoes and Mot Mots, PAINTING PARADISE is an interpretation of the art of Victorian traveller and botanist Marianne North by artist Jo Whitehead. Pioneering explorer Marianne created over a thousand works of art recording the flora and fauna of five continents, painted in their natural habitat, thus making a vital contribution to science and botany. From childhood visits to the Marianne North Gallery at Kew, Jo Whitehead has been inspired by the detailed and colourful paintings which have informed her own work.

Jo’s own art centres around visual stories of birds, allotments, flowers and landscape with acrylic paintings and gouache illustrations.

The exhibition is at The Dye House Gallery, Bradford School of Art until December 9th 2021

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